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Chapter 7. Redrum -- Close Up > Using Redrum with the Reason Sequencer - Pg. 176

The Waveform Display In the Dr:rex waveform display (see Figure 8.10), you can see the REX file split in a slice-by-slice view along with the original tempo of the loop. Below the waveform and to the left, Dr:rex displays the default pitch of the REX file. The default pitch for any REX file loaded into Dr:rex is C. Every aspect of the REX file can be edited, though, with the help of the parameter knobs above and below the waveform display. Let's take a look at them. Located just above the waveform display are a few of Dr:rex's play parameters (see Figure 8.11). Select Slice Via MIDI--This button allows you to select each REX slice with a MIDI controller, such as a keyboard or drum machine. If you activate this button and click on play, you'll see the slice selector move across the loop from left to right in accordance to the MIDI note that is being played. Above this is the Note On indicator light, which will let you know when Dr:rex receives any kind of MIDI signal, whether from a controller or a keyboard. Preview--The Preview button will allow you to listen to the REX file before you send it to the sequencer track. While previewing your REX file, you can make all of the real-time changes that you want, such as transposing, pitching, panning, and filtering slices. To Track--After using the Preview to listen and edit the REX file, To Track sends the MIDI notes that are assigned to each slice to its sequencer track. If you select the Dr:rex sequencer track and click on the Switch to Edit Mode button, you will see each of these MIDI notes displayed in the REX Lane Editor. Osc Pitch--The Oscillator section can adjust the overall pitch of the REX as well as assign a selected amount to the Dr:rex Filter Envelope. The OCT knob will transpose the entire REX file up or down an octave at a time. As with the Pitch knob, the OCT knob has an eight-octave range. The Fine knob will adjust the overall pitch of the REX file in cents, which are hundredths of a semitone. With a range of +/- 50 cents, this is for making extremely minor adjustments to the overall pitch. The Env Amount knob is used to assign a determined amount of the Dr: rex oscillator over to the Filter Envelope. This will produce a pitch shifting effect based on the amount of filter applied to the oscillator. Figure 8.10 The Dr:rex waveform display shows a graphic representation of the loaded REX file. Figure 8.11 These play parameters are used to preview your REX file and alter its pitch.