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Chapter 7. Redrum -- Close Up > A Guided Tour of the Redrum Interface - Pg. 143

The Channel 8&9 Exclusive button produces a virtual link between the eighth and ninth sound channels of the Redrum interface (see Figure 7.11). When activated, sound channel 8 works as a cutoff for channel 9 and vice versa. For example, an open hi-hat sample is loaded on channel 9 and a closed hi-hat sample is loaded on channel 8. If channel 9 is playing its sample, it will be immediately silenced when channel 8 is triggered, much as a hi-hat would behave in an acoustic drum kit. Figure 7.11 Use the Channel 8&9 Exclusive button to make your hi-hat parts sound realistic. The Drum Sound Channels Next, let's take a look at the drum sound channels. As you proceed, note that there are a lot of creative editing features that can add interest to your rhythms. Let's begin with drum sound channel 1, which is typically where the kick drum sample is loaded. (See Figure 7.12.) Across the top of channel 1 are the Mute, Solo, and Trigger buttons, defined as follows: The Mute (or "M") button works similarly to the mute buttons on the reMix mixer; it silences the particular channel on which it is active. For example, if