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What Is a Mixer? > What Is a Mixer? - Pg. 127

CLIPPING IS BAD While you are honing your mix-master skills with the volume faders, you might occasionally notice a bright red LED flashing in the lower-left corner of the Reason Transport (see Figure 6.13). This indicates that the mixed signal in Reason has overloaded or "clipped." In the analog world of reel-to-reel tape machines, clipping can be a useful effect for distorting guitars and grunging up the drums. Digital clipping, on the other hand, produces a very harsh and nasty distorted sound that can hurt your ears and damage your speakers. In other words, digital clipping is bad. If you experience any clipping while mixing your signal in Reason, turn the levels down just a little bit. Your ears and sound card will thank you. Figure 6.13 Clipping in the digital world is not a good thing, so watch your levels. Mutes and Solos After you experiment with the levels and achieve a mix that you are happy with, take a look at the