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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close Up > The Sequencer Toolbar - Pg. 92

It's important to understand how the Snap works, so try a couple of exercises. Get yourself ready by starting a new Reason song and creating an instance of reMix and Subtractor. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Click on the Switch to Edit Mode button. This will open the Key Lane Editor for the Subtractor. The Velocity lane should also be viewable by default. Select a note value of 1/8 from the Snap pull-down menu. Make sure the Snap to Grid button, located to the right of the Snap pull-down menu, is active. Select the Pencil tool and click to create a few events in the Key lane. Notice that each note is an 8th note in length (see Figure 5.22). After drawing in a few events, click on the Controller Lane button and select the Mod Wheel setting from the Controller Lane pop-up menu (see Figure 5.23). Figure 5.22 The Pencil tool can draw in 8th-note resolutions, because 1/8 has been selected from the Snap pull-down menu. Note that you can click and drag to the right if you want to make the event longer than an 8th note. Figure 5.23 Select Mod Wheel from the list of controllers to draw in controller data for that parameter.