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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close... > The Basic Layout and Tools - Pg. 88

Start at the far left of the toolbar and work your way to the right. Edit/Arrange Mode Button This button is used to switch between the Arrange and Edit views of the sequencer (see Figure 5.12). Every time Reason is booted up and a song is loaded, the Arrange view is the default. Clicking on the switch button will allow you to view any MIDI data within a sequencer track. Figure 5.12 The Edit/Arrange Mode button is used to toggle between the two viewing modes of the Reason sequencer. The top shows the button as it appears when the sequencer is in the Arrange view. The bottom shows the button as it appears in the Edit view. The Lane Buttons To the right of the Switch button are the Lane buttons. These are used to view and edit MIDI data from any sequencer track in a Reason song. Each of the six lane editors has a particular and unique purpose. The Key lane--This lane is used to edit the MIDI data related to the Subtractor, Malström, NN-19, and NN-XT devices (see Figure 5.13). Figure 5.13 The Key lane is used to edit sequences for the Malström and Subtractor.