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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close Up > Sequencing Written Data - Pg. 115

Figure 5.61 Use your Pencil tool and draw in a few REX slices. Notice that as with the previous example, a default velocity value of 100 is assigned to any drawn events. RESIZING EVENTS Once you begin to edit your MIDI data in either of the different lanes, you might want to resize the events that you have either drawn in or performed live. This is very easy to do. Try the following exercise: 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the Reason Tutorial Song and select the Subtractor track. Click on the Switch to Edit Mode button and find some MIDI events in the Key lane. Use the Selector tool to draw a marquee around a few of the events to select them (see Figure 5.62). With the Selector tool still selected, navigate to the end of the selected