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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close... > Sequencing a Live Performance - Pg. 108

5. Click on the Quantize Notes button to apply your quantize setting to your performance. You can also use the Crtl+K key command on the PC, or the Apple+K key command on the Mac. Looking at the performance now, you can see the events have been nudged left and right toward their closest quarter note (see Figure 5.47). Click on Play and listen to the corrected timing. 6. Figure 5.47 The events have now been quantized. QUANTIZE WHILE YOU RECORD Quantizing can also be done while you are recording a performance. To the left of the Quantize pull-down menu is the Quantize Notes During Recording button, which, when activated, will automatically quantize your events while recording your performances. To dig into this function a little more, try activating it and recording a new Redrum pattern like the one you created at the beginning of this tutorial. Adding Velocity Now that the timing has been corrected, you can add some dynamics to the performance by using the Velocity Lane Editor. Activate this editor by clicking on the Show Velocity Lane Editor button in the Sequencer toolbar. Once activated, it will appear below the Drum Lane Editor (see Figure 5.48). Figure 5.48 Click on the Show Velocity Lane Editor button to activate and display it below the Drum lane.