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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close... > Moving and Duplicating Tracks - Pg. 106

CREATE A GROUP Now that you have recorded a MIDI performance, you should make it a group. By converting your performance to a group, you can easily move, cut, copy, or paste it anywhere in your song. It's easy to do and only takes a minute, so let's go. 1. 2. 3. 4. Select the Pencil tool. Set the Snap value to Bar. Click and drag your Pencil tool over the sequence you want to convert to a group. Once you have reached the end of your sequence, release the mouse. A group will now be created (see Figure 5.42). Another way to do this is to select the events with the Selector tool and choose Group from the Edit pull-down menu, or use the Ctrl+G (Windows) or Apple+G (Mac) keyboard command. Additionally, once a group has been created, you can ungroup the MIDI events by selecting the group and choosing Ungroup from the Edit pull-down menu, or using the Ctrl+U (Windows) or Apple+U (Mac) keyboard command. Figure 5.42 Converting your performances to groups makes it easy to move your sequences to any point in your song.