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Chapter 5. The Reason Sequencer -- Close Up - Pg. 87

DETACHING THE SEQUENCER WINDOW A relatively new feature in Reason is the capability to detach the Sequencer window from the Reason interface. If your computer supports dual monitors, you might find this a very useful feature. It allows you to use one monitor for the Reason devices and another for the sequencer. To detach the sequencer, simply choose Detach Sequencer Window from the Windows pull-down menu. Once selected, the Sequencer window will separate itself from the Reason interface and appear in its own window. This window can then be dragged to another monitor and maximized in order to create an optimal dual monitor setup (see Figure 5.10). At any time, if you want to close the separated Sequencer window, just click on the Close Window button in the Sequencer window. The sequencer will return to its default position. Figure 5.10 Detaching the Sequencer window is great for users who own computers with dual monitors. Notice that the Transport Panel appears on both sides of the screen.