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Sequencing a Live Performance > Sequencing a Live Performance - Pg. 109

This editor can increase or decrease the amount of velocity assigned to a recorded MIDI note. It is a great tool to use if you find that you didn't press the keys hard enough when recording your performance. In this next tutorial, you are going to edit the velocity of your Redrum pattern with the Pencil and Line tools. AN ADDED VELOCITY BONUS In Chapter 7, "Redrum--Close Up," you'll learn about the benefits of using velocity to change the timbre and tuning of your Redrum sounds. 1. With the Velocity Lane Editor open, select the Pencil tool. Click and drag downward on the velocity of the first MIDI event. Notice that as you drag down, which decreases the velocity, the color of the MIDI event changes from a dark red to a light pink. Use the Pencil tool on a couple of other MIDI events to alter their velocities. Try alternating between MIDI events to create a more interesting sequence (see Figure 5.49). 2. Figure 5.49 Use the Pencil tool to assign different velocities