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Moving and Duplicating Tracks > Moving and Duplicating Tracks - Pg. 107

Quantize--Timing Corrections The first thing you are going to do is correct any timing problems by using the quantization function. If you recall from Chapter 4, "Creating Your First Reason Song," you used the quantize function to help correct rhythmic mistakes made while recording a performance. 1. 2. 3. Looking closely at the Redrum group, you can see many timing inconsistencies, because the events don't quite match up with the vertical lines (see Figure 5.44). Use the Pointer tool to click and drag a box around the Redrum events in order to select them all. You can also use Crtl+A (Windows) or Apple+A (Mac). Next, you need to select the note value used to quantize. Click on the Quantize pull-down menu and select 1/4. This means that Reason will nudge each note to its nearest quarter note (see Figure 5.45). To the right of the Quantize pull-down menu is the Quantize Strength pull-down menu (see Figure 5.46). This option determines the amount of quantization that will occur when the process is performed. By default, it is set to 100%, which means that the events will be moved completely to the nearest quarter note. This is fine for this demonstration, but you can try different values to achieve a different effect. This feature can help to prevent your music from feeling too robotic or unnatural. 4. Figure 5.44 This is the drum group before quantization.