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Chapter 4. Creating Your First Reason Song > It's All in the Mix! - Pg. 83

The Basic Layout and Tools Before you begin your exploration of the Reason sequencer, it's important to have a general understanding of the basic layout of its common and unique views and functions. The Arrange/Edit View When you first look at the sequencer, the Arrange view is probably the first point of interest you will notice. This is where all of the MIDI data for your Reason song is stored, arranged, and displayed. Typically, a sequencer displays its MIDI data in a linear fashion, meaning that the information is read from left to right. With that in mind, a song begins on the far left and progresses to the right as the song plays. The timeline of the MIDI events in the sequencer is governed by the ruler, which is located at the top of the Arrange view and runs parallel to it. Looking at Figure 5.2, you can see that the ruler is displaying bars, or measure counts for every other bar. When you read through the next part of this section and use the Zoom tools, you'll find that the ruler can display much smaller and finer increments. Two kinds of MIDI data are displayed in the Arrange view: Note information Controller information If you open the Tutorial Song, which is located in your Reason program folder, and look at the