First, let's start with the REX loop. 1. Look at the REX track in Figure 4.46, and you will see that there are four two-bar loops lined up next to each other. First, you are going to combine all of these loops together in order to create one large eight-bar loop to make it easier to copy and paste. Figure 4.46 At this point, you have four separate two-bar loops. 2. Select the Pencil tool and click at the far left of the REX track; drag your mouse to the right until you reach the end of the fourth two-bar loop. Release the mouse button and you will see just one eight-bar loop, as in Figure 4.47. Figure 4.47 By using the Pencil tool, click and drag until both loops are drawn over. 3. 4. 5. Select the Pointer tool and click once on the REX loop to highlight it. Copy the selection (press Ctrl+C in Windows; press Apple+C on the Mac). Paste the selection (press Ctrl+V in Windows; press Apple+V on the Mac). This