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Chapter 4. Creating Your First Reason Song > Adding a Bass Line - Pg. 70

Adding a Pad The next texture you'll add to the song is a pad line. A pad refers to a kind of ensemble sound that fills up the empty space, like playing chords on a guitar. The chords are held and sustained for generally long periods of time and add mysterious overtones and moods to any piece of music. A good example is a string section in an orchestra, which is used to play long sustained chords throughout film scores and symphonies. You are going to add that texture into your groove here by creating another Subtractor synth, selecting a pad sound for it, and then drawing in some chords to give the song the mood it needs. Create a new Subtractor synth. There should be a new MIDI track in the Sequencer window called Subtractor 2 and it should be routed to channel 3 in reMix. To find an appropriate pad sound, again click on the Browse Patch button in the upper-left corner of the Subtractor to launch the browser window. This time, you will see all of the bass patches that you worked with in the previous tutorial. You have to get back to the starting point in the browser, and the easiest way to do this is to click on the Find All ReFills button in the upper-right corner of the browser window. Reason will then find all available sound sets, or ReFills as they are called, within your computer. If this is your first time using Reason, you should see two different sound sets--the Reason Factory Sound Bank and the Orkester Sound Bank. Double-click on the Reason Factory bank and then double-click on the Subtractor Patches folder. Finally, double-click on the Pads folder to see the available pad patches for the Subtractor.