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The Arrange view also has an alternate viewing mode, called the Edit view. In this view, all the MIDI data in a song can be edited and new data can be created (see Figure 5.5). As you read further in this chapter, you will find that there are many creative possibilities and different faces to the Edit view. Figure 5.5 The Edit view is used to draw and edit MIDI data. EVENTS -- ALSO KNOWN AS NOTES Throughout this book, I will be using two terms a lot: notes and events. These two terms can sometimes mean the same thing. For example, MIDI data can be thought of as notes, but really they are events -- numeric bits of data that contain the note's pitch number, velocity, and length. Throughout this chapter, I refer to notes as events. But I also use the term notes throughout this chapter as well, but only to refer to specifically named functions within Reason or to the length of the events, such as 8th notes or 16th notes.