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IMPORTING/EXPORTING MIDI FILES The Reason sequencer can import and export MIDI files. This is a great feature for users who like to surf the Net and download MIDI files of their favorite songs. Additionally, you can export your songs in Reason as MIDI files for other users to download into their favorite MIDI sequencers. To import a MIDI file, simply choose Import MIDI File from the File pull-down menu. Then locate the MIDI with your Windows or Mac file browsers and import it. Once imported, just keep these rules in mind: Imported sequencer tracks will not be routed to any Reason device. You will have to do this manually, and you will learn how later in this chapter. If the MIDI file contains multiple tempos and time signatures, Reason will disregard these and use only the first tempo and time signature. This is kind of a bummer for anyone wanting to import their favorite Progressive Rock song, for example, or other types of music that typically rely on time signature and tempo changes. All of the controller data, such as modulation wheel adjustments or pitch bend changes, saved within a MIDI file will be imported along with the rest of the data; however, in some cases this controller data might not work as intended with Reason devices. You might have to remove the controller information, which is covered toward the end of this chapter. To export a MIDI file, first set your end (E) marker to the end of your song. Then simply choose Export MIDI File from the File pull-down menu and Reason will do the rest. Just remember the following: The tempo of the Reason song is stored in the MIDI file.