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Topping It Off with a Little Lead > Topping It Off with a Little Lead - Pg. 78

Figure 4.56 Click and drag the endpoint within four bars of the right locator point. DON'T CUT OFF THE TAIL Tail effect refers to the lingering sound of reverb or delay (or similar effect) after the initial sound (the hit of a snare drum, for instance) has stopped. The tail eventually dissipates to silence. When mixing down, it's important that you extend the song beyond its ending point long enough to capture any lingering effect tails. Notice, in Figure 4.57, how abruptly the mix is cut off. Figure 4.58 shows the same mix with the tail in place; the mix was extended long enough to capture the entirety of the fading effects. Figure 4.57 This is an example of cutting off the tail end of your mix. It doesn't look or sound good.