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Adding a Pad > Adding a Pad - Pg. 76

2. Using the Pointer tool, click on the bass part and drag it to bar 5. Release the mouse button and Reason will move the four-bar part to bar 5, as shown in Figure 4.50. Figure 4.50 Click and drag is the name of the game when moving parts around. 3. Using the same copy-and-paste method found in the last section, copy and paste the bass part until it reaches bar 37 (see Figure 4.51). Figure 4.51 Copy and paste the bass part. Next comes the pad part that you created with the second Subtractor synth. 1. Select the Pencil tool and click at the far left of the pad track. Drag your mouse to the right until you reach the end of the second four-bar loop. Release the mouse button and you will see just one eight-bar loop. Select the Pointer tool; click and drag the pad track to bar 9. Using the same copy-and-paste method that you used in the last two sections, copy and paste the pad track until it reaches bar 33, as shown in Figure 4.52. 2. 3. Figure 4.52 Now for the pad track. Last on the arrangement is the lead part that you created using the Malström synth. This is going to be a little different, because you probably wouldn't want this part to play constantly through the entire song. Instead, you are just going to drop it in here and there to flavor up the mix. 1. 2. Click and drag the lead part to bar 13. Hold down the Control key on your PC or the Option key on the Mac, and then click and hold on the lead part. Start to drag the part to the right and you will see that a copy has been made and is following your pointer. Drag the new copy to bar 21 and release the mouse. This will create a new part as seen in Figure 4.53. Repeating the same step as before, create a new copy and drop it in at bar 37. After doing this, your lead part should look a lot like Figure 4.54. 3.