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Adding a Bass Line > Adding a Bass Line - Pg. 74

3. Next, scroll up the Device Rack to reMix; you're going to make a couple of volume adjustments to the Malström. If you play the sequence as it is now, the Malström is probably a little too loud for the mix, so first start by clicking and holding on the volume fader for the Malström (the fader on channel 4) and just slide it down to adjust the volume of your Malström track (see Figure 4.44). Figure 4.44 A little level adjustment is just what the doctor ordered. 4. A neat effect that I like is to pan the synth either hard right or hard left and then use a lot of delay and reverb to create a stereophonic effect. This is done quite easily by adjusting the pan knob to the left or right, and then using the Aux knobs to send the Malström to the reverb and delay, as shown in Figure 4.45. Voila! Instant synthesized bliss! Figure 4.45 Pan the Malström to the left, and top it off with some delay. It will give your track some needed