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Adding a Bass Line > Adding a Bass Line - Pg. 72

Topping It Off with a Little Lead You're doing great! So far you have created a grooving drum loop and sequenced in bass and pad lines. Now it's time to sprinkle a little auditory sugar on top by adding a lead line. Throughout this tutorial, you've kept the overall tone of this song a bit on the mellow side. It's time to spice things up a bit, so you're going to use Malström and add a little acidy four-bar lead line on top of the mix. Click and drag the right locator to bar 5 in order to create a four-bar loop. Let's start by creating a Malström. Click on the second Subtractor, and then select Create > Malström Graintable Synthesizer. The funky green machine will appear in your Device Rack below the second Subtractor synth. It will also show up as a track in the sequencer and should appear under channel 4 in reMix (see Figure 4.40). You need to find an appropriate lead synth patch for the Malström, so click Malström's browse patch button, and then click the Find All ReFills button again. Double-click on the Reason Factory Sound Bank and you should see the Malström Patches folder. Double-click on this folder and open the Mono Synths folder. In the long list of mono patches, find the patch called RadioHammer. Highlight it and click Open. Switch to the Edit mode and draw in a lead line that complements the bass and pad lines. When you are finished, your sequence should look something like Figure 4.41. If it sounds a little funky at first, read on; I will give you some tips to make your lead sing. Figure 4.40 The Malström is my favorite virtual synth in Reason.