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Is There a Dr:rex in the House? > Is There a Dr:rex in the House? - Pg. 69

Figure 4.34 Our REX loop and bass line are ready to groove together. 6. Next, you want to turn this sequence into a part that can be moved around freely, because this will also allow you to copy and paste this sequence anywhere in the Reason song. To do this, select the Pencil tool again and draw a box around the sequence by click dragging to the right, until you reach bar 3, as shown in Figure 4.35. Release the mouse and you will now have a drawn-in part. Figure 4.35 Before you can move or copy your bass line, you need to change it into a part. 7. Now that a part has been created, you'll want to make duplicates of it so that it will run the same length as the REX groove. Select the Pointer tool and click on the part once, and then copy the part (Ctrl+C in Windows; Apple+C on the Mac). Then, paste the part (Ctrl+V in Windows; Apple+C on the Mac). This will create a duplicate part and place it to the right of the original part (see Figure 4.36). Paste in a couple more copies so that the bass line matches the length of the REX groove,