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Is There a Dr:rex in the House? > Is There a Dr:rex in the House? - Pg. 68

4. Now you're ready to draw in a few notes. Select the Pencil tool to start drawing in your sequence in the key lane (see Figure 4.32). Because this is your first time out, keep it simple; this is a bass line, and you want it to groove, not crowd the music. When you're finished drawing notes, you should see a sequence that looks something like Figure 4.33. Click on the Maximize button to restore the sequencer window to its normal state, and click on the Switch to Arrange Mode button to see your bass line displayed in the sequencer along with the Dr:rex pattern, as in Figure 4.34. 5. Figure 4.32 Drawing in notes in Reason is simple. Figure 4.33 Now your two-bar bass loop is ready.