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Because you are creating a bass line in this example, double-click on the Bass folder to display a long list of patches made especially for bass lines. Click on the bass patch called Ahab Bass and then click on the Open button toward the lower-right corner of the browser window. The Ahab Bass patch will appear in the upper-left window of the Subtractor interface (see Figure 4.27). If it turns out the Ahab patch is not to your liking, you can easily scroll through the list of bass patches with just the click of a button. You can re-click the browse button and select another patch, or you can scroll through the patches in that folder by clicking the up and down arrow buttons beside the browse patch button. You can also click and hold on the patch name to choose another patch from the pop-up menu (see Figure 4.28). For the purposes here, try the Bass Guitar patch. You're now ready to sequence your first bass line. Figure 4.27 The Ahab Bass patch has now been loaded into Subtractor. Figure 4.28 So many bass patches, so little time.