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Routing the Effects > Routing the Effects - Pg. 64

Now that you have loaded a loop and copied it to the sequencer, you can add some reverb and delay to the loop to give it some character. 1. 2. 3. 4. Press Play on the Transport control, or press the spacebar on your computer keyboard. Scroll up the Device Rack to reMix. You are going to work on the first track, which is called DR REX 1. At the top of channel 1 are the auxiliary sends. As you may recall, Aux 1 is a reverb and Aux 2 is a delay. Click and hold on the first Aux knob and drag your mouse upward (see Figure 4.23). You should hear the loop playing back with a reverb effect. Figure 4.23 Click and drag on the first Aux knob to assign a reverb effect to it. 5. You don't want to use too much reverb on a drum loop, as it sounds a little strange, so position the Aux send one knob to nine o'clock. This will produce a warm and mellow reverberation effect. Now add a little delay by clicking on Aux 2's knob and setting it to nine o'clock as well. You should now hear a slight reverb and delay effect on your drum loop. If you look at the reverb and delay meters below reMix, you will see they are working; the LED meters are hopping up and down. 6. 7. Adding a Bass Line The next virtual synth that you are going to create is the Subtractor. As you already got your groove thang started with Dr:rex, nothing could be better than a good ol' booty-shaking bass line. You're going to draw in the bass line using the Pencil tool, so there will be no need for an external MIDI keyboard yet. Click on Dr:rex to select it, and then select Create > Subtractor Analog Synthesizer. The synth is loaded below Dr:rex in the Device Rack, as shown in Figure 4.24. If you scroll back up to the mixer, you will see the name "Subtractor 1" listed vertically on channel 2. If you look at the sequencer in Figure 4.25, you'll also see a Subtractor MIDI track has been created and is armed to start recording. Next, you will load a preset into the Subtractor by navigating to the upper-left corner of the Subtractor interface and clicking on the Browse Patch button. As in Dr:rex, the browser window opens and allows you to navigate and search for patches for the Subtractor. Double-click on the Reason Factory Sound Bank file and you will now see the Subtractor Patches folder. Double-click on this folder to see several subfolders containing Subtractor patches for just about every kind of dance music (see Figure 4.26).