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Creating a reMix Mixer > Creating a reMix Mixer - Pg. 61

Figure 4.15 Once Dr:rex has been created, Reason automati- cally creates a sequencer track and sets it up for receiving MIDI data. Now that you have created a Dr:rex module, it's time to load up a loop so you can start to groove your way into your first tune. At the upper-left corner of the Dr:rex interface, there is a Patch Browser, along with a couple of scroll buttons and a folder button. From here you can preview and load REX loop files into Dr:rex. 1. 2. Click on the folder button to launch the browser. If this is your first time using the browser, you should click on the Find All ReFills button, located at the upper-right corner of the window (see Figure 4.16). Once you click on this button, you will see a file called Reason Factory Sound Bank, as shown in Figure 4.17. Double-click on this file to continue. Figure 4.16 The Find All ReFills button. Figure 4.17