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Creating a reMix Mixer > Creating a reMix Mixer - Pg. 60

Is There a Dr:rex in the House? The first virtual sound module that you are going to create is the Dr:rex loop player, so that you can have a steady beat to groove to. Next, you'll add a bass line along with some pads for ambience. To create a Dr:rex device, select Create > Dr.REX Loop Player. The Dr:rex will pop up and be automatically routed to reMix (see Figure 4.13). You will see the label "Dr.REX 1" on channel 1 of the mixer, as shown in Figure 4.14. Each time you create a new device, Reason automatically creates a sequencer track in the track list of the sequencer interface named after the device that was created, in this case Dr.REX 1. As an additional point of interest, look to the left of the track name. You can see an icon that resembles the end of a MIDI cable, as shown in Figure 4.15. This symbol tells you that this track has been armed and is ready to receive and record MIDI data. Clicking on the symbol will disarm the track and you will not be able to monitor live or record. Figure 4.13 Creating a Dr:rex. Figure 4.14 Once the Dr:rex has been created, you will see it displayed as such on channel 1 of reMix.