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Chapter 3. Getting Started with Reason 2.5 > The Reason Mixer - Pg. 41

Synths, Sounds, Beats, and Treats Continuing down the rack with Reason's default song loaded, below the effects come the virtual synths and sound modules that make up the orchestra of Reason. You'll take a quick look at these now, but each device is discussed in a chapter of its own later in the book. You'll learn how to program those dreamy pads, stabbing leads, and pulsating bass lines. The Subtractor Polyphonic Synthesizer The Subtractor is a polyphonic synthesizer modeled after a classic hardware analog synth. As seen in Figure 3.8, it contains two oscillators and a noise generator for producing tones, in addition to dual filters, LFOs, and envelopes for shaping and editing the tones. The Subtractor also features a wide range of polyphony, which limits and expands the number of possible simultaneous notes generated. This makes the Subtractor a very versatile synth for producing every kind of sound, from monophonic bass lines to percussion, to large-and-in-charge pad sounds that will make heads turn. And just in case you're not a synth tweaker by nature, the Subtractor comes with many presets that will satisfy your creativity for a long time to come. One of Subractor's lesser- known features is assignable velocity, or the amount of force used to play a note on your keyboard. Velocity information from a MIDI keyboard controller can be routed to a number of parameters, including phase, frequency modulation, and the filter envelope. This makes the Subtractor a virtual analog synth that is velocity sensitive for creating greater dynamic effects than any vintage hardware synth.