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Chapter 3. Getting Started with Reason 2... > The NN-XT Advanced Sampler - Pg. 46

The Reason sequencer is divided into four functional areas: The Arrange view The Edit view The Editing and Quantization tools The Transport panel The Arrange View When a sequence has been created within the Reason sequencer, it becomes a "part." The Arrange view handles the "arrangement" of your these parts by providing a track list, a measure ruler, and a set of "locators." Take a look at each of these. The Track List The track list is used to organize and route MIDI data to each Reason device in a song (see Figure 3.17). Each device is given its own track, which displays its sequence within your song. Looking at the default song, you can see that there are nine separate tracks, each assigned to a different synth within the Reason Device Rack. In Chapter 5, you'll take an in-depth look at working with tracks. Figure 3.17 Each Reason device can have its own