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Chapter 3. Getting Started with Reason 2... > The Matrix Analog Pattern Sequencer - Pg. 45

The Malström Graintable Synthesizer With the release of Reason 2.0, Propellerhead introduced an original synthesizer called Malström (see Figure 3.15). This virtual synth is unlike any other synthesizer, hardware or otherwise, because it is a completely original form of synthesis that creates blistering tones that will peel the paint off your studio walls. Based on a combination of two techniques known as granular and wavetable synthesis (to be discussed later), Malström has tonal possibilities that will knock your socks off. This synth is covered in Chapter 10, "Malström Close Up"--it's a page-turner! Figure 3.15 The Malström sports a completely unique form of synthesis called "graintable." The Reason Sequencer -- At First Glance