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Chapter 3. Getting Started with Reason 2.5 > Real-Time Effects - Pg. 42

Figure 3.9 No, it's not a sequel to a Wes Craven movie. The Scream 4 is the industrial strength distortion effect that every good techno song needs. Redrum Percussion Module Redrum is a 10-channel drum machine that resembles a classic drum machine but that far surpasses the sonic capabilities of older hardware drum machines. As shown in Figure 3.10, it is split into two sections. The top part of the interface is where you work with the individual percussion sounds. Each sound is assigned to its own virtual pad, and a number of its parameters can then be edited, including its pitch, tone, and velocity. The lower portion of the Redrum interface includes a step pattern-based sequencer that can run in perfect synchronization with the tempo of your song. Within the sequencer portion of Redrum, a number of effects are available, including shuffle, dynamics, and a flam for producing a drop stick roll effect. By the time you finish reading the in-depth Chapter 7 "Redrum--Close Up" later in this book, you'll be the percussion master. Figure 3.10 Redrum is a step pattern virtual drum machine.