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The NN-XT Advanced Sampler > The NN-XT Advanced Sampler - Pg. 47

Figure 3.18 The measure ruler is used to display the linear timeline within a Reason song. Figure 3.19 If you lose your place, just locate the Position Indicator (the P flag). JUMP TO THE LEFT; JUMP TO THE RIGHT Let the default song play, and try clicking on any point in the measure ruler; the Position Indicator will jump to that measure and keep playing. Reason's Locator Points Look at the measure ruler and you'll notice two vertical markers that are positioned at the beginning and end of the default song. These markers are known as "locators" (see Figure 3.20). They are sort of like virtual bookmarks, indicating the beginning and end of a song or loop. Press the spacebar to start the default song and watch as the Position Indicator reaches the right locator. As it does, you'll see the Position Indicator jump back to the beginning of the song, where the left