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VIRTUALLY ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Reason gives you the capability to create as many devices as you want within one song. If you want to create a Reason song using multiple instances of the Subtractor, for instance, you can do it. If you fill up all of the channels in reMix, you can create a second remix and add more devices to it. This unique virtual studio environment gives free reign to your creativity. The only limitation that you might encounter from time to time is your computer's CPU. As you begin to add more devices to your Reason song, the CPU will need to work harder to process the data. At some point, your CPU will reach its maximum potential and your song might occasionally drop out, which sounds kind of like a CD skip. Real-Time Effects If the virtual synths and sound modules in Reason are the main course, the real-time effects are certainly the desserts of pure decadence. Reason's real-time effects are the virtual equivalents of studio hardware, such as a reverb, flanger, or compressor. As you can see in Figure 3.7, the Reason default song contains two real-time effects: reverb and delay. These effects can be used as insert effects, in which the entire signal is routed to the effect and then into the Reason mixer, or they can be used as auxiliary effects, in which only a portion of the signal is sent to the effect and then back into the mixer. If that sounds confusing, don't worry; you'll be taking an in-depth look at the routing and use of each of Reason's real-time effects. Figure 3.7 The Reason effects are the icing on the cake. WHAT IS REAL TIME? By now, you have read the phrase "real time" at least a couple of times, and I'm sure you have heard a lot of musicians and music magazines throw this term around. But what does real time actually mean in the world of Reason? It means that you can tweak and adjust the parameters of Reason's instruments and effects, and hear the results of your changes instantaneously, while a song is playing. To see for yourself, try this: Open the Reason default song, press play, and make a few adjustments to the volume of different tracks as the song is playing. As you move the faders, you will hear the volume change. You can also change parameters of the reverb and delay, and you'll hear those changes instantly too. That's real time.