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Chapter 2. Installing and Configuring Re... > Installing and Configuring Reason - Pg. 28

Figure 2.10 Create a Restore Point in Windows ME/XP by selecting Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. CRACK KILLS Reason is one of the best-selling music software titles on the market today. Years of research and development went into conceiving and creating this program and others like it. As Reason is such as hot program, you can bet that there are a lot of illegal copies, called cracks, floating around the Internet, available for download. Although cracked copies of software might seem tempting to download and install, it only makes things more difficult for software companies such as Propellerhead to stay afloat and keep producing fantastic software. Propellerhead Software has a great reputation for addressing technical issues by updating their software titles regularly; it's important that you purchase and use an official version of Reason, as it will qualify you for technical support and product updates. Remember, software developers have to support their families too. Installing the Program If you've got the three CDs and your license, you're ready to begin. 1. 2. Pop the Reason Program Disc into your computer and wait for your PC or Mac to recognize the disc. The installation program should start up on its own. After scrolling through the License Agreement and selecting a place to install Reason, the Installation program will ask you if you want to install both of the ReFills CDs onto your hard drive along with the program (see Figure 2.11). They'll take up an additional gigabyte of space on your hard drive. If you select to not