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Chapter 2. Installing and Configuring Reason - Pg. 17

Oh yes, there is one more commandment--one that's very important but not spoken nearly enough: Thou shalt have fun doing this! CPU (Central Processing Unit) The CPU is where all of the real-time processing for your computer is handled. Installed on the computer's motherboard, the CPU handles and regulates the flow of information throughout the entire computer, and, most importantly, gives you the juice you need to make Reason rock and roll inside your computer. The only problem with selecting the right kind of CPU for your computer is that there are so many to choose from. Consider the following list of available CPUs for both PC and Mac. Intel has developed and released a long line of CPUs for the Windows platform called the Pentium series. At the time of this writing, the Pentium IV processor (see Figure 2.2) is the most current and can range in speeds from 1.6 to a blistering 3.06 Gigahertz (or GHz). You may also have heard of Intel's Celeron processor, but as this processor is not well equipped to handle the real-time audio processing of Reason, I recommend using the Pentium IV for best results. AMD is another company that has developed many CPUs for the Windows platform. The most currently available CPU at this time is the Athlon XP series (see Figure 2.3), which can run at speeds between 1.3GHz, and 2.1GHz, which is more than enough for Reason. AMD also produces other CPUs as well, including