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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > UN-16 Unison - Pg. 314

Let's have a look at the parameters of the PEQ-2: Freq--This knob assigns the center of the EQ curve. When setting this parameter, you should first increase the Gain parameter to hear the effect. The range is 31Hz to 16Hz. Q--This knob determines the frequency width of the EQ curve around the set center frequency. Gain--This knob boosts and cuts the gain of the EQ curve. The Matrix can control Frequency A and B by connecting the Curve CV, Note CV, or Gate CV outputs of the Matrix to the Frequency 1 or 2 inputs on the back of the PEQ-2. USING THE PEQ-2 AS AN INSERT/MASTERING EFFECT The PEQ-2 is best used as an insert or mastering effect. If you recall, an insert effect is when the dry signal of a Reason device is completely sent to the effect. The effect then processes this signal and sends it back to an input of reMix. To review how to create and use an insert effect, try the following exercise: 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a Reason device, such as a Dr:rex or Subtractor. Once created, it will appear on the channel strip of reMix. Click on the interface of the created Reason device to select it. Select the PEQ-2 from the Create pull-down menu. This will create an instance under the selected Reason device. Press the Tab key to flip the Device Rack around. You will see that the