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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > The Spider Audio Merger & Splitter - Pg. 329

The CV Connections You can connect the Matrix CV outputs to one of three CV inputs on the back of the RV7000 to control the three parameters in step time: Decay--This CV input controls reverb decay or echo/delay feedback. HF Damp--This CV input controls the HF Damp parameter on the RV7000 main display. Gate Trig--This CV input is used to trigger the Gate section of the RV7000. The Spider Audio Merger & Splitter New to Reason 2.5, the Spider Merger & Splitter is not an actual real-time effect (see Figure 14.22). However, it is a utility that serves two basic functions: Figure 14.22 The Spider Merger & Splitter can be used to split a single audio signal to four outputs. It can also be used to merge four audio signals into one. Merges up to four separate audio inputs into a single output.