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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit - Pg. 322

Fuzz--This preset is a heavy distortion that is strong even at low damage control settings. Note that the P1 and P2 knobs work the same as they did with the Overdrive preset. Tube--This preset simulates a classic tube distortion (a la Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix). When using this preset the P1 knob acts as a contour, or high pass filter. The P2 knob controls the Bias, or balance of the tube distortion. When set to a 12:00 position, the Bias is very balanced in shape. When set to its maximum resolution, the Bias knob will create an uneven balance to the distortion, which sounds very close to a tube-driven amplifier. Tape--This preset is a simulation of tape saturation, which can add compression and punch to the distortion. The P1 knob acts as a tape speed, which helps to preserve the higher frequencies when set to high speeds. The P2 knob controls the compression ratio. Feedback--This preset is a combination of heavy distortion and looped feedback. Feedback is created when a sound source is fed back to itself. A good example is an electric guitar or microphone that is placed too close to its amplifier or speaker. The Damage Control knob assigns the amount of gain to the feedback loop, whereas the P1 and P2 knobs control the size and "howl," or frequency of the feedback respectively. Modulate--This preset creates a distortion that resonates by combining two copies of itself before it is fed through a distortion. The P1 knob controls the resonance ring, whereas the P2 knob controls the filter frequency.