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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > RV-7 Digital Reverb - Pg. 309

The Matrix can control the Amount parameter of the D-11. Just route the Curve CV output of the Matrix to the Amount input on the back of the D-11 and you're set. ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter The ECF-42 is a combination filter/envelope generator that can be used to create pattern-controlled filter and envelope effects with any Reason device (see Figure 14.4). This effect should be used as an insert, because it is more of a niche effect used for specific sounds rather than a universal effect such as a reverb or delay. Let's have a look at the filter parameters of the ECF-42: Mode--This button is used to switch between the different filter modes (BP 12, LP 12, and LP 24). Also note that you can simply click on the name of the filter mode to select it. Freq--This knob controls the Filter Frequency of the ECF-42. When using the ECF-42 in its static or filter-only mode, this knob controls the overall frequency of the audio. When used in combination with the envelope generator, this knob is used as a start and end frequency for the created filter sweep effect. Res--This knob controls the resonance of the filter. Env.Amt--This parameter is used to specify how much the filter frequency will be affected by the triggered envelope.