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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > RV7000 Advanced Reverb - Pg. 325

Figure 14.19 The RV7000 advanced reverb is one of the best software-based reverbs you'll ever hear. algorithms that can be used along with an included EQ and Gate for molding and shaping your reverb in ways that just can't be done by most hardware and software reverbs. The Main Panel The RV7000 is a two-part effect unit; much in the same way the NN-XT is a two-part sampler. When you first load the RV7000, the part of the device you will see is the main panel, which controls the global parameters of the device (see Figure 14.20). Notice that the RV7000 has a Patch Browser in the left corner of the main panel. This makes it possible to load, edit, and save customized patches for the device. Figure 14.20 The RV7000 main panel.