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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > PH-90 Phaser - Pg. 313

UN-16 Unison The UN-16 Unison can be thought of as a simple and straightforward chorus effect (see Figure 14.7). By using the available parameters, it produces a set number of voices that are each slightly delayed and detuned by way of low frequency noise. This produces a very thick stereo-friendly chorus that can be used on vocal samples, guitar/drum loops, and so on. Figure 14.7 The UN-16 Unison Module is a basic chorus effect. Let's have a look at the UN-16 parameters: Voice Count--This assigns the number of voices to be produced. You can select 4, 8, or 16 individual voices. Detune--This knob increases/decreases the detuning of the individual voices. Dry/Wet--This knob determines the balance between a processed or wet signal and an unprocessed or dry signal. When using the UN-16 as a send or aux effect, this knob should be set to its maximum. When used as an insert effect, it should be set in the middle or 12:00 position so you can hear both wet and dry signals at once. The Matrix Pattern Sequencer can control the detune parameter of the UN-16. Just connect the