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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ - Pg. 315

COMP-01 Auto Make Up Gain Compressor The COMP-01 is a real-time compressor that is typically used to level out audio signals that are too loud in the mix and are in danger of digitally clipping. The COMP-01 is a great solution to combat this problem and can be used as an insert effect or send effect (see Figure 14.9). Figure 14.9 The COMP-01 auto make up gain compressor will level out any signal with too much amplitude. Ratio--This knob sets the gain reduction of the audio signal according to the set threshold. Thresh--This knob sets the level that dictates when the compressor effect will kick in. Any audio signal that meets this set level or goes above it will be compressed, whereas signals that fall below this level will not be affected. Attack--This knob adjusts the attack of the compression effect. Release--This knob adjusts the length of time needed before the audio signal is unaffected by the COMP-01, once its level has fallen under the threshold. At its lowest setting, a short release will cause a pumping sound, which is good for kick drums. At its mid to high settings, the release will become long and sustained, which is good for pads or pianos.