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Chapter 14. Effects -- Close Up > DDL-1--Digital Delay Line - Pg. 310

TRIGGERING THE ENVELOPE Unlike most of the other real-time effects in Reason, the ECF-42 does not function completely as an independent effect and requires an additional Reason device to trigger the envelope. This is done very easily by routing the gate output of any Reason device that has a gate output on the back, such as Redrum, Dr:rex, and the Matrix. Here's how to set it up with a Dr:rex: 1. 2. In any Reason song, create a Dr:rex and load it up with any available REX file. Click the To Track button to send it to the sequencer. Click on the Dr:rex to select it, and then select the ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter from the Create pull-down menu. Reason will automatically set up the ECF-42 as an insert effect for Dr:rex. Press the Tab key to flip the Device Rack. Route the Slice Gate Output of Dr:rex to the Env Gate input on the back of the ECF-42. Press the Tab key again and click on Play. 3. 4. 5. You should now see the Gate LED on the ECF-42 light up, because it is receiving gate information from Dr:rex. At this point, you can use the envelope parameters. The Matrix can control the Frequency, Decay, and Resonance parameters of the ECF-42. Just route any of the CV outputs of the Matrix to any of the three available ECF-42 parameters and you're set.