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The Spider CV Merger & Splitter > The Spider CV Merger & Splitter - Pg. 334

SPLIT OUTPUT 4 IS INVERTED Look at the Split section of the Spider. Notice that the abbreviation INV is displayed next to output 4 of both Split A and B. This means that these outputs send inverted CV data to any CV input they are routed to. Be sure to pay close attention to this in the upcoming tutorial. Now, let's take a stab at splitting. Note that the CV Splitter section of the Spider includes two input points, Point A and Point B. Try the following exercise: 1. Start a new Reason song and load it with a reMix, Dr:rex, and Redrum. Load a REX file and send it to its sequencer track. Write a drum pattern using channel 1 of Redrum, which is a Kick Drum sound. Press the Tab key. Create a Matrix and place it at the bottom of the Device Rack. Make sure that it is not connected to either Dr:rex or Redrum. Create a Spider CV Merger & Splitter below the Matrix. Route the Curve CV output of the Matrix to Split input A (see Figure 14.32). Connect an output of Split A to the Pitch CV input of Redrum's channel 1. Increase the Pitch CV amount of channel 1 to its maximum setting (see Figure 14.33). Route output 4 of Split A to the Filter Cutoff CV input of Dr:rex. You can also 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.