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Chapter 13. The Matrix -- Close Up > Matrix Tutorials - Pg. 295

Figure 13.10 Now, the Note CV output is connected to the CV input. Sequencing the Subtractor with the Matrix After connecting the Matrix to the Subtractor, you'll probably want to begin sequencing right away. It's extremely easy to do and will only take a minute to learn. Let's keep it simple and create a 16-step sequence with a resolution of 1/16. This means that there are 16 steps total in this pattern and a single 16th note represents one step. Before you begin, look at the Pattern window. Notice that there are already notes drawn in along the low C note (see Figure 13.11). This is done by default whenever an instance of the Matrix is created. This means that the Subtractor can already begin to play sequenced notes from the Matrix, but it's missing just one element, which is Note On/Off and Velocity. So, what you need to