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Chapter 12. NN-XT -- Close Up > Expanding Your Sample Library with Reload - Pg. 285

Converting Akai to NN-XT This tutorial shows you how to convert an Akai CD to NN-XT patches using Reload. 1. 2. Start Reload. If this is your first time using this program, you need to enter your registration code (see the note entitled "Get Registered--Get Happy"). Reload will prompt you for an Akai CD. Open the CD tray on your PC or Mac and pop the CD in. Because an Akai CD is not Mac formatted, Reload must be running when you insert the Akai CD, or your Mac will automatically eject the disc. Once Reload detects the Akai CD, it will give you two conversion choices (see Figure 12.20). You can convert your Akai CD to NN-XT patches, or you can have Reload convert the Akai CD to NN-XT patches and then create a ReFill of those samples. For this tutorial, select the NN-XT option. Reload will then ask you to select a directory in which to place your converted samples. In Figure 12.21, I have created a folder on the desktop of my Mac and called it Hans Zimmer. Once you select your directory, click Choose. Reload will proceed to make the conversion (see Figure 12.22). Depending on the size of the CD, this can take anywhere from 2-10 minutes. When the procedure is finished, look at the contents of your converted folder. As you can see in Figure 12.23, Reload has split the samples into their own partitioned folders and created an HTML document that lists all the available samples and their locations. 3. 4. 5. 6.