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Chapter 12. NN-XT -- Close Up > Creating a Multilayered NN-XT Patch - Pg. 279

Importing Single Note Samples Let's start the tutorial by working with the single note samples. Make sure you are working with a blank NN-XT and that there are no samples loaded into it. You can do so by choosing Initialize Patch from the Edit pull-down menu. 1. Click on the Load Sample button. This will bring up the Sample Browser. Navigate to the NN-XT Guitar Samples folder, open it, and double-click on the Single Notes folder to display the list of single note samples. Locate the Low E samples, as these will be your starting place. There are three Low E samples available with three different dynamic levels. Highlight the Low E mf.wav file first and click on the Open button to import it into the key zone area of the NN-XT. As Yours Truly has already prepared these samples, all you have to do is set the key range and velocity for each sample. Begin by setting the key range of the Low E mf.wav file, which is Lo Key D1, High Key G#1. Now set the velocity of the Low E sample as Lo Vel 1, Hi Vel 69. Notice as you do this, the zone that contains the sample is no longer solid shaded as before. Rather, a series of diagonal lines appears through the zone. This symbolizes that a velocity has been assigned to this zone. Now, click anywhere in the key zone area to deselect the first Low E sample. Click on the Load Sample button again and import the Low E f.wav file. Set the key range of the second Low E sample to the same values as the first 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.