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Chapter 11. NN-19 -- Close Up > Creating Your First NN-19 Sample Patch - Pg. 256

Editing Your Sample Patch Now that your patch has been created, it's time to make your patch unique by using the NN-19 filters, envelopes, and play parameters. This is where the real fun begins. WRITE IN SOME CHORDS Before you begin editing your guitar patch, take a few minutes to create a loop of guitar chords. That way, you can play the loop over and over again while making adjustments to the individual NN-19 parameters without having to play a chord on your MIDI keyboard. It makes it a lot more fun to tweak! If you are not a guitar player, try this chord progression: E major--E1, B1, E2, G#2, B2, and E2 A major--A1, E2, A2, C#3, and E3 G major--G1, B1, D2, G2, B2, and G3 D major--D2, A2, D3, and F#3 You are going to create a guitar pad sound, so I suggest creating an eight-bar sequence in the Reason sequencer. Each of these chords should be two bars in length. Using the Amp and Envelope Because you are going to create a pad patch, the first place to start making adjustments is to the Amp and its Envelope parameters. Set the Amp slider to 82; this will prevent the NN-19 from clipping when you make adjustments to the filter and LFO. Make the following parameter adjustments to the Envelope: 1. 2. 3. 4. Set the Attack to a high value. 70 is a good place to start; this will create a very slow attack on the pad patch. Set the Decay to an even higher value, such as 105. Set the Sustain to a mid-to-high value, such as 70. Set the Release to a slightly smaller value than the Attack, such as 54. This will allow the pad patch to really sustain and ring out. Click on Play and listen to the guitar chord progression as it plays through these adjustments you've just made. The chords should sound very long and dreamy, making it a perfect place to start adding a filter. Using the Filter and Envelope Like any good synth-o-holic, the first or second parameter I start editing is the Filter section. In this part of the tutorial, you are going to use the filter to complement the full sound of the guitar samples when played in a chord by making it into a pad sound. You are going to use a Band Pass filter so that you can still hear the original guitar sample, while introducing a sweep filter effect to the mix. Select the BP 12 filter mode and make sure the Keyboard Tracking knob is set to 0.