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Chapter 10. The Malström -- Close Up > Tour the Malström - Pg. 222

Routing and Output Once you have set the oscillator parameters, you can then route the output of those signals to a combination of four filter destinations. Looking at Figure 10.7, you can see that each oscillator points to the right, with a corresponding "routing" button that looks a lot like the standard power buttons you have been looking at throughout this chapter. To route the oscillators to their corresponding filters, just click on the available routing buttons. Figure 10.7 The oscillators point to the right, which means that they can be routed to the filter sections. Notice that OSC A points to both filters, which means that the output signal of OSC A can actually be split and routed to two destination filters. The Output section of the Malström is very simple and has only two adjustable parameters (see Figure 10.8). Figure 10.8 The output of the Malström can control the amplitude