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Chapter 10. The Malström -- Close Up - Pg. 221

Index--This slider is used to set the start point for the playback of the graintable. It has a range of 0-127. Motion--This parameter is used to set the speed at which a graintable is played, according to its motion pattern. Turning the knob to the left slows the motion of the graintable down, whereas turning it to the right will speed it up. Shift--This parameter alters the timbre or formant spectrum of a graintable. The formant spectrum is the overview that determines the overall character of a graintable. This is done by a procedure known as re-sampling. Using this parameter effectively creates a pitch shift effect on the oscillator. MOTION PATTERN Each graintable in a patch has a preset motion pattern and speed. If you're setting the Motion parameter to any value higher than ­63 or hard left, the graintable loops and follows one of two motion patterns: Forward--The graintable is played from beginning to end, and then loops back to the beginning. Forward/Backward--The graintable is played from beginning to end, and then from the end to beginning. It then starts over. As stated before, the Motion parameter can change the speed of the graintable, but not the actual graintable itself.