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Using Dynamics to Alter Velocities > Using Dynamics to Alter Velocities - Pg. 175

Audio Quality in Dr:rex Just below the browser window are two parameters that affect the quality of your loops (see Figure 8.8). Figure 8.8 These controls affect the audio quality of Dr:rex. HIGH QUALITY INTERPOLATION--When activated, Dr:rex plays the REX file back with a more advanced interpolation algorithm, resulting in a higher-quality audio signal. The difference is most noticeable in loops containing a lot of high- frequency data, such as a hi-hat track. LO BW--This stands for low bandwidth, and it removes some of the high end from the playback of a REX file in order to relieve the burden on your CPU. The difference is very evident in loops with a lot of hi-hat or Latin percussion. If, on the other hand, your loops are mostly low-frequency data, or if they've been put through a Low Pass filter, you'll be less likely to hear the difference. Polyphony To the left of the interpolation control is the Polyphony parameter (see Figure 8.9), which determines the number of REX slices your MIDI keyboard can play simultaneously. Dr:rex